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Problem of Unemployment Graduate or Postgraduate in India

In a cycle of life everyone wants earn money, but due to some reasons it’s not possible to everyone can fulfill your desire. A survey has conducted over the unemployment grow up to expected to rise 9.4% in 2013 form in 9.3% in 2012, its important reason grow up the unemployment in India population.


Do you know that the India is second largest population country after China. There are numbers of students after investing huge money in their collage and study time but due to some reason they just not succeed in getting job, they become frosted with their life.


The unemployment problem has become a great impact all over the world. You can say that unemployment means the state of being without any work. Each year many graduate and post graduates face many problems such as shortage of money.


Shortage of many is a very serious problem for those as suffering in unemployment situations. When you were a study, you were free you have not tension about how much money you spent in day, week and month. Your parents were always were ready to provide financial support.


After gain graduation or post graduation, you start to think it is not good to ask for money because you have already acquired profession and should how to care. Lots of unemployment has similar problems like how to earn money for pay rent, food and cloths. Many of them student try to best for search job but umbers of students their attempts are not successful in order to find job.


At study time many students’ thoughts around the world waiting for you. And you are best student; you are going to get best degree from one of the most university in your state. After completed your degree you realized fact of real life, the numbers of competitors are waiting for similar line just a same purpose, and those student have same degree and same experience. 


Today I would like to say about those student want make bright future according to your study, don’t waste your precious time while when you study. You should try to put hundred percent efforts during process of study, and try to gain more knowledge and experience about your subject, best of luck for your bright future.


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